U9, 2022-2023 (Tri-County Softball League)

This League is part of the 2022-2023 season, which is not set as the current season.
Regular Season
Lucknow 2540198953+360.6274-0-1T1vs. N/A, 16-16 (T)
Ethel532066755+120.5493-2-0W1vs. N/A, 7-17 (W)
Wingham Orange220043510+250.7782-0-0W2vs. N/A, 1-25 (W)
Mildmay Red32104282800.5002-1-0L1vs. N/A, 18-7 (L)
Wingham Blue11002165+110.7621-0-0W1vs. N/A, 5-16 (W)
Benmiller Tigers312024333+100.5661-2-0W1vs. N/A, 2-20 (W)
Lucknow 110011101000.5000-0-1T1vs. N/A, 10-10 (T)
Brussels Black404005581-260.4040-4-0L4vs. N/A, 21-13 (L)
Brussels Red707003494-600.2660-7-0L7vs. N/A, 15-7 (L)
Mildmay Black000000000.0000-0-0-(no scores recorded)